Digital Media Planner\ Implementation Manager

(Hybrid role): Paid Social
  • We are looking for a paid performance planner , who also LOVES to implement (campaign manager), to join our growing digital media tribe.
  • The Campaign Planner\ Manager is responsible for developing world class media plans and delivering best-in-class execution of those media plans. Whereas the planner\ buyer creates the plans, the campaign manager has to deliver on the expectations of the plan. This includes sourcing, executing, optimizing (most important) and evaluating all elements of each media campaign.  Be the bridge from strategy to execution. Make real-time optimizations to the campaigns based on constant measurement and feedback especially with digital plans. Understand the media landscape and look for opportunities to impact media plans with new partners and formats that could improve media performance. This planner\ campaign manager must be adept at building and managing all types of paid Social and \ or PPC and \or RTB campaigns including lead gen and conversion campaigns, shopping and carousel campaigns and of course understand and be on top of all new platform features, trends and opportunities.
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