Monn carpets – a locally produced carpet manufacturing company – are not pulling the rug from under any one’s feet. On the contrary. They are paving the way with their proudly local, price competitive, premium carpets and rug range, that are miles above any imported product.

Digital Optimization is proud to partner with the brothers that are setting a new standard for households across the country. The partnership, which sees online innovation meeting manufacturing brilliance, aims to bring customers into the e-commerce shop which encapsulates all the skills, talent, experience, and sterling reputation of five generations of carpet-making craftsmanship.

Digital Optimization have created a performance marketing strategy hitting all areas of the funnel to bring awareness, reach and conversion through smart tactics and robust audience profiling through the partnership with GWI (Global web index).

“Stain resistant” as a strategy and practical, Monn have also crafted a strategy for their business that’s delivered UV testing miles above any imported product. Their rug finishing and woven texture is also much neater than alternatives and is locally manufactured from the raw materials to the expert weaving. They are not the only manufacturer doing this currently, but they are the only one doing outdoor rugs like this now.

All MONN flat woven rugs feature their unique Magic-Grip backing. Fully integrated into your rug this soft, slip-resistant treatment wont scuff or damage the underlying floor. They are made using premium Polypropylene yarns that have been specially formulated to endure the harsh African sun.

Their Axminster rug are also the only indoor rug only that uses wool/nylon yarn blend with a plusher pile, and their latest flat-woven products introduces a new contrasting black on white colourway – Crisp, defined lines to suit your space.

With their beautiful colours, designs and textures, we look forward to assisting this brand grow from strength to strength, setting the standard in outdoor and indoor design. Visit

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