Media Planning:

  1. Media plan delivery: 2 business days for plans <R100K
  2. Media plan delivery: 5 business days for plans >R100K
  3. No campaign will go live without a signed IO and PO number


  1. As per SLA, reports are to be delivered within 5 business days of a new month
  2. If we receive assets during this time, you have a choice: either the report will be late, or the ads will go live post reporting week
  3. Special report requests, also will be delivered within 5 business days, should scheduling allow. Should there be a delay, we will be in touch.

Ad Delivery for Upload:

  1. Ad upload: 2 business days for plans <R100K
  2. Ad upload: 5 business days for plans >R100K
  3. If the ads delivered are not to spec, we will send them back, and the clock resets as per point a.

We, the above-mentioned Advertiser, hereby accept this proposal and commit to the Campaign (as detailed in the Insertion order), from the CSD to the CED, on Digital Optimization standard terms and conditions which we agree to be bound by:


  1. The advertiser agrees to be bound by these Terms of Acceptance with respect to all or any media whose advertising is owned or managed by Digital Optimization and further agrees that it shall be bound by the provisions of Digital Optimization as it pertains to all matters set out therein including but not limited to the rates for advertisements, material requirements, submission deadlines and cancellation deadlines and cancellation conditions.
  2. All copy for advertisements is subject to the approval of Digital Optimization.
  3. The general typography of all advertisements is subject to approval by the proprietors.
  4. It is an advertiser’s responsibility to supply material suitable for space bookings by Digital Optimization, copy deadlines Advertisement(s) at least 5 (five) business days prior to the CSD.
  5. Verbal cancellations will not be valid, only a written cancellation confirmed by Digital Optimization will serve as notice.
  6. The placements outlined are subject to 48-hour platform approval, otherwise rates and inventory cannot be guaranteed.
  7. Contracts are not accepted for periods longer than 12 months, and are subject to a surcharge if not completed in that period, or if the advertiser did not comply with the agreed advertising spend.
  8. All bookings are subject to inventory being available.
  9. Payment is required within 30 (thirty) days for client direct business and 45 (forty-five) days for Agency business, from date of statement, unless otherwise agreed in writing. It being agreed that Digital Optimization will invoice with statement on the CSD.
  10. The advertiser is held liable for all damages and costs resulting from any action which may be instituted against Digital Optimization by any reason of his/her advertisement.
  11. In the event of Digital Optimization instructing its attorneys to collect any amounts, all legal fees and collection charges, determined as the maximum permitted fees and charges in terms of the NCA and its regulations. If the National Credit Act, 2005 (“NCA”) applies to this agreement, or otherwise a collection commission of 20% (twenty percent) of the amount outstanding, tracing agents’ fees, and legal fees as between attorney and advertiser, shall be borne by the advertiser.
  12. Once an account has been handed over for collection, all payments made shall firstly be allocated towards such collective/tracing fees and charges, thereafter to interest and finally to capital.
  13. The advertiser agrees that these Terms of Acceptance constitute a valid contract with Digital Optimization and certifies that all information given herein by him/her/it to the representative of Digital Optimization are true and correct.
  14. This agreement is governed by South African Law and is subject to the jurisdiction of the South African courts. Digital Optimization is allowed to institute legal proceedings for the recovery of any amount owing hereunder in the Magistrate’s Court of any district which by virtue of Section 28 of the Magistrate’s Court Act has jurisdiction over the advertiser, but this does not preclude Digital Optimization at their own discretion from instituting legal proceedings in the Supreme Court of South Africa which has jurisdiction over the advertiser.
  15. All rates do not include vat or agency comm unless otherwise stated in the IO costings terms.

Creative Design and Execution:

  1. If Digital Optimization is requested to design, revise or adjust any advertisement or assets for an advertiser, then all Digital Optimization production costs will be for the account of the client. Upon CE sign-off, we require 3 business days for completion. In the event that we require more time, it will be communicated as such upon receiving a complete brief from the advertiser or client.
  2. Please note: No creative execution will start prior to receiving a signed CE or PO
  3. Any other design or development work outside the scope of the above said signed CE will be charged for at an hourly rate which will be sent for approval prior to commencement.
  4. Payment is required within 30 (thirty) days.